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Build the Perfect Deck for Your Outdoor Patio in Toronto

If you can envision it. Fence Deck can build the deck idea. Even if you don’t have any deck design ideas, as top designers, we can create it for you. Sometimes, all you may have can be a burning desire to make improvements to your home’s design. Here at Fence Deck, we’ve got the creative spark and the resources to bring these dreams to life. From concept down to design, rendering, manufacturing and installation, we are your one-stop deck builder in Toronto. Our 5-year experience and the materials we use means that you can create aesthetic low-maintenance deck designs for your homes and commercial buildings. With the right deck builder in Toronto, you can provide your friends and loved ones with a serene, social hub. Apart from adding value to your homes, decks can help make your houses desirable and comfortable. As a top-rated deck designer in Toronto, Fence Deck is a reliable partner. With our experience and resources, our builders have the tools to turn your deck design ideas into beautifully finished structures.

Our design team comes up with unique deck ideas that stand out. From functionality to maintenance and style, we think of everything!
Fence Deck partners with reliable suppliers of wood and composite decking materials. That’s not all, every piece goes through rigorous quality checks.
With our hands-on project management style, we ensure that you remain in control, on budget and on time.

Deck Builder in Toronto

From the biggest ideas to the functional ones, Fence Deck is a deck builder with the range to take on all outdoor building projects. Whether residential, commercial or roof-top deck ideas, our construction team can be trusted. Take a look at our excellent deck building services below.


A residential deck is a serious home improvement project. When you work with the right deck builder in Toronto, it offers a substantial increase in home value, convenience and space. At Fence Deck, we understand the importance of building a deck for residential properties. Therefore, we go the extra mile to come up with deck ideas that will make your home a stunning work of art.

More importantly, we are deck builders that keep up with the latest trends. As an innovative deck designer, our company uses the latest in wood and composite deck design ideas. 

Our project management team will take control of every aspect of your deck building project. From the review of already existing structures to landscaping and aesthetics such as railings, fence and BBQ areas, we have the craftsmanship to deliver. We will do all this while providing you with a five-year guarantee. Discuss your residential project with a certified deck builder today!


Over the past number of years, we have delivered as the primary deck designers for many institutional and commercial buildings in Toronto. In fact, we frequently partner with landscaping and architecture firms with tremendous results. 

Fence Deck understands that the design requirements for a commercial building can be different. As such, we have developed the technical skills to deliver the best deck ideas for rooftop condos, plazas, shopping malls and more. In these projects, high performance, branding and durability are taken into consideration.

When building commercial decks, we make sure our deck ideas meet all existing building codes and requirements. With our attention to detail, we take special care to cover all bases. As a result, we can guarantee commercial decks that will align with your brand vision. We are the best deck builder in Toronto for retail, corporate and recreational building needs. 

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We are a deck builder in Toronto with the necessary skills to add value to your home — everywhere. This includes the fences in your home. We don’t install the typical fence styles provided by fence companies. Instead, we create deck ideas that can be combined with the most aesthetic fences. 

If you have a broken fence, it can reduce the overall value of your home. Even with the best deck ideas, bad fencing can bring the look of your home down. This is where Fence Deck comes in. With our deck design ideas and the creativity to improvise, we can build fences that you will absolutely love.

Whether you need protection or a privacy screen, our catalogue holds beautiful ideas that will make your home stand out. Our fence design ideas range from wood to composite fences and custom made privacy screens. Your yard is about to get a whole lot prettier. Click here to learn more.


The best deck designer for your project understands the importance of a foundation. Here at Fence Deck, we work with this principle in mind. You see, decks are heavy structures. Some have roofs while others even have levels. As a result, deck design ideas must be created with this in mind.

Our builders can provide you with both conference pillar piers and helical foundation/piers. A concrete foundation/pier is a great option depending on the location and size of your project. Not to worry, the deck designer for your project can help you make a choice. 

In the same vein, we also offer techno metal helical piers that are installed by certified builders. Affixed into the ground with advanced machinery, we use accurate measurements to make sure that your deck foundation is stable and secure. Get a safe deck foundation for your structure today!


The beauty of working with an excellent deck builder is that they know how to make your structures stand out. Not everybody wants a box-like structure jutting out from their houses. For some people, the appeal of a deck idea is the stunning view provided by multi-level decks.

Sometimes, a multi-level deck can be a space-saving option. Here at Fence Deck, we have the creativity to meet your construction needs either way. As a highly rated deck builder in Toronto, we can improvise regardless of your needs. Our creative team can come up with concept ideas for dining areas, games hubs, hot tubs and more.

If you will be needing protection from the elements, our design and construction team also makes covered multi-level decks. This way, you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise without getting a sunburn. How high do you want your outdoor decks to be? Get a free quote when you speak with any of our representatives today!


In as much as you need the best deck builder to guarantee a structure that is beautiful and lasts, there’s more to consider. Without a question, you are going to need deck design ideas with lighting considerations. For starters, most residential and commercial users want to use a deck for evening purposes. In instances like this, lighting can contribute to the ambience and functionality of your deck.

When you work with Fence Deck, you are working with a design team that pays attention to details like decor and lighting. We will come up with brilliant lighting ideas that will turn your deck into an outdoor oasis. Whether you want soft glow or a plethora of colour options, we’ve got the resources to deliver. If there’s a need, the brilliant creatives at Fence Deck can also incorporate energy-saving tech into your light design. Discuss with our experts now!


We are not the leading deck builder in Toronto for nothing. Our extensive services also cover the expert design and construction of deck railings. This doesn’t mean that we leave the deck ideas and creativity to you. The railings that we construct are approached with the same level of creativity as outdoor deck structures.

 Our deck design team can offer you a wide range of ideas using materials such as wood, aluminium, glass and composite. This diversity is also evident in the style. As the leading deck designer and builder in Toronto, we have experience with wide pickets, topless railings, seamless glass, double top rails and more. Even if this is the only home improvement project you want, we will hook you up. 

You need railings when your deck is 24″ (60 cm) above grade. Also, the minimum height for your railing will differ based on your deck. For example, structures measuring 24″ to 5-10″ (180 cm) need 36″ guards and any deck design idea above 5-10″ requires a 42″ high railing. As an expert builder, these are regulations that Fence Deck will make sure you follow.

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Although a simple structure, the right deck builder in Toronto can build gazebos that add loads of value to your home. To some people, pergolas may look like uncompleted structures with roofs. However, we can link you up with a deck designer that will do so much more with a gazebo.

A variety of sitting options can be used to make your pergola more inviting. With proper space definition, it can become a central hub that revitalizes your backyard. With adornments, planters and other design elements, trust our deck ideas to give a romantic twist to your gazebo.

Pergolas and gazebos are a great deck idea for your homes and commercial buildings. This is because they offer privacy and shade at the same time. With the number of design spins that we can add to your gazebo, it’s definitely a great option for any building. Choose a deck builder that guarantees the use of long-lasting materials. Contact us now!


Sometimes, the central idea of an outdoor deck is for a designer to build it around a pool. With over five years of experience in the outdoor deck business, we have built our fair share of hot tub decks. From lighting to decor and material selection, our unbeatable experience comes to the fore.

During projects like this, our deck designer will consider factors such as safety, slippery conditions, amount of slope, heat reflection and more. We will also make sure that the material used to build your pool decks are resistant to mildew and mould. This way, you will be able to enjoy the aesthetic appeal and luxury that comes with an outdoor pool. Best of all, we do it at affordable prices too!


The installation of a rooftop deck design takes a high level of expertise. Due to the many safety and building codes that have to be adhered to, it is best that you work with a deck builder that is hugely experienced. With over five years in the bag, Fence Deck can design deck ideas using landscaping skills to create beautiful sky parks and green spaces.

Our deck designers specialize in the conception, design and construction of rooftop deck structures. If you need a deck builder in Toronto that can work with limited spaces, speak with any of our representatives today. Allow us to provide you with the ultimate in rooftop living.

Whether you need a levelled deck on a slope or rooftop decks with extruded insulation, our design team will provide you with accurate models. From concept to complete construction, we will hold your hand every step of the way! Our rooftop decks ooze class and safety!


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Custom Built Decks in Toronto

Fence Deck is the leading creator of custom deck designs in Toronto. This is because of the advanced modelling and computer rendering tech that we use. More importantly, our deck designers are absolute masters. With every single project, our goal is to push the limits of aesthetic appeal and functionality.  We understand the search for a deck builder in Toronto can be hard. Our job is to make the process easier for you. With a single consultation session, our deck designers have the skills to envision your needs. Even if you don’t have a deck design idea in mind, you can get inspiration from our gallery. We’ll do all of the hard work for you! We never take on more than one project at the same time. This single-minded dedication as your deck builder allows us to design amazing decks, fences and lighting effects. More importantly, it means our creative juices are always bursting to the brim. Combine this with the level of workmanship we offer, and you get the best deck builder in Toronto.

Fence Deck will completely revitalize and reimagine your outdoor spaces. Partner with us, let’s create magical deck designs together.

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