Outdoor Deck Lighting

Outdoor Deck Lighting in Toronto

When coming up with deck design ideas, most people forget about lighting. That’s okay. After all, you’re not a deck building professional. This is where the expertise of our deck builders come in. As part of our deck design conception, we train our design team to come up with beautiful lighting options for your deck.

We are not a lighting company. Instead, Fence Deck is a comprehensive deck builder in Toronto that integrates lighting with fantastic decor. Essentially, we will illuminate your outdoor deck, turning it into a tranquil setting that showcases its beauty perfectly.

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Experienced Lighting Professionals

When installing outdoor lighting for a deck, many considerations have to be made. A design professional and an electrician have to work in tandem to create beautiful results. Also, factors such as lighting, wiring, electricity costs, safety and branding have to be considered.

We have installed hundreds of lights for different purposes across the GTA. Therefore, we have the experience to provide outdoor lighting options that will blend seamlessly with your deck. Whether you want serene lights or bright, disco-esque lighting, we’ve got you covered!

Enjoy a Variety of Lighting Options

When building decks, whether for commercial or residential purposes, the trick is to remain fluid. At Fence Deck, we can hook you up with a wide variety of lighting options. We offer soft glow lights for wayfinding, security lights and more!

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