Deck Foundation Piers

Build Your Deck on a Solid Base

Every deck builder in Toronto knows the importance of a solid foundation for a deck. Building a deck is a considerable investment. As such, you have to do all you can to make sure that it is perfectly built. There are deck designs with multiple levels. Sometimes, a roofing layer may add to the overall weight of your deck. 

Without the right deck foundation pier, you risk costly damages. In fact, you may be putting yourself at risk. This is where Fence Deck comes in. As the leading provider of deck designs in Toronto, we know how to build the best deck foundation piers.

A deck that houses a hot tub will require a stronger foundation compared to one without. These technical principles and calculations are put into consideration when we build deck foundation piers.

Work with an experienced team that guarantees a solid deck foundation. Speak with a representative now!

What Are The Types of Deck Foundation Piers?

Majorly, there are two types of deck foundation piers. Depending on the style and requirements for your deck, we can provide you with either one.

Concrete Foundation Piers

This type of deck foundation pier provides a solid base that your deck can rest on without any problems. Typically, the diameter can range from 

8”-10”-12” to 24” with the depth 48” or more bases on the size of your deck.

Helical Piles

These piles can be described as a giant metal screw. With the help of a certified deck foundation technician, it is installed in the ground until the perfect load-bearing capacity is reached.

At Fence Deck, our helical deck foundation piers are installed by engineers using advanced machinery and accurate calculations. Rest assured, your deck will be secure and safe!

What is The Cost of A Deck Foundation Pier?

The cost of a foundation pier for your deck is based on the size of your deck. However, it is essential to note that the difference in pricing between a concrete pillar and helical pile foundation is minimal. Instead of worrying about the cost of your foundation, focus on making sure it’s secure enough for your deck.

On our end, we offer affordable pricing models while using top-quality construction materials. Your overall satisfaction is guaranteed.

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