Composite Deck

Composite decks provide low -maintenance solutions for your backyard deck in Mississauga. No more yearly staining or refinishing. Composite decks provide a splinter-free, crack-free, easy solution for your backyard deck or patio. The newest generation of composite decks simulate the look of wood without the hassels of a real wood deck. The image below includes a deck comprised of composite decking boards and a composite railing.

Composite Deck Built At A Mississauga Residence

Composite Deck Designs

Composite decks built in Mississauga can include a variety of spaces for entertaining or relaxing in your backyard. Common characteristics of decks include BBQ and dining areas. For dining, we recommend a minimum area of 12′ x 16′ to provide comfortable space for a six-person patio table. We try to place BBQ areas near doors to allow easy access during grilling in poor weather conditions. With appropriate budgets, we can also include built-in outdoor kitchens complete with grills, refrigerators and extra counter space. Additionally, a spa makes an excellent addition to your outdoor living space. We can incorporate any size hot tub into its own unique space on your deck. To provide privacy and shade, our decks can include privacy structures or overhead pergolas.

Types of Composite Deck Materials

Composite decks fall into three categories. Firstly, wood plastic composite decking is a blend of wood fibres and plastics extruded into a deck board profile. The second type of deck has a wood plastic composite core and PVC cap. Finally, the third category of decking is composed of 100% pure PVC board.

Mississuaga Composite Deck Board

Wood Plastic Composite Boards

Wood plastic composite decking is the first generation of composite decks, and exists as the lowest-priced man-made decking material. Decking comprised only of wood plastic composites are more susceptible to scratching and staining compared to capped composites and PVC. Additionally, composite boards contain hygroscopic wood fibres, and will over time expand and contract. To avoid any problems with expansion and contraction, wood plastic composite boards are installed with larger gaps between boards than plastic deck boards.

Capped Composite Deck Boards

Capped composite decking differs from composite decking only in that a plastic cap is placed on the board’s surface. A plastic cap is much more durable than exposed wood plastic composite materials. Additionally, the cap stock resists staining and fading better than wood plastic composite. Depending on the manufacturer, the plastic cap may encapsulate the entire board, the entire board but not the fastener groove, or simply the top surface exposed to foot traffic. Although each manufacturer would argue that their encapsulation of the board performs best, a fully capped board is said to keep moisture out completely, where a board capped only at the top allows it to breathe. The deck boards’ composite core helps keep costs down, compared to PVC decking. Typically, capped composites will cost slightly more than traditional composite boards– however they are much lower maintenance.

PVC Decking Boards

PVC decking is an evolutionary step forward for composite decking. It contains no organic materials such as wood fiber reducing the risk of mold and rot. By choosing a PVC decking product your deck will be made from the highest quality decking material available. PVC decks require the least maintenance and are most resistant to staining and fading. PVC decks hold the highest upfront costs, however the long term maintenance costs are significantly lower then traditional material.

Azek Decking

Azek decking is a pure PVC product that is resistant to staining, splitting and scratching. The decking manufactured by Azek does not contain any organic material avoiding the risk from insect or mold infiltration. Azek deck comes with manufactures limited lifetime warranty ensuring your deck will be well enjoyed into the future. Some of the Azek deck colours are listed below.

Arbor Collection: Acacia, Cobre, Morado, Redland Rose, Silver Oak.

Terra Collection: Fawn, Kona, Sedona, Tahoe.

Harvest Collection: Brownstone, Clay, Slate Grey, White.

Azek Railing Styles: Premier Rail (in White, Brownstone, Clay, Slate Grey, Black, Kona), Trademark Rail (in White) and Reserve Rail (in White).

Composite Deck Structure

Composite and PVC materials are not structurally strong enough to be used for decking framing components. Typically, outdoor decks are built with a pressure-treated wood frame that will provide over 25 years of service. Pressure-treated framing lumber will maintain its strength over time. However, it will eventually weather and develop an unpleasant appearance. On all composite decks, we can finish all visible treated wood with a composite decking material for a nicer overall appearance.